The silver series are very attractive, each coin is enclosed in a clothed case which also has a small information leaflet which gives details of the series, the size, weight and composition of the coin. 

The silver series coins have a limit on the number which has been produced, this information is also enclosed on the small leaflet.  The face value of the coins ranges from 50p to £50. 

To view each series follow the links below:

500th anniversary | Coronation | Goldern Wedding | Queen Mother 95 | Queen Mother 2000 I Queen Vic | Queen 75th | Golden Jubiliee I WWF I Queens 70th Bday


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The Finance Department of the St Helena Government cannot guarantee the aviailbilty of all coins and notes shown on this website. Due to limited numbers, some currency may be sold out. Therefore, please cleck avaliablity.

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